Bernina Presents: B L A N C

#BerninaBlanc I'M GOING Bernina Presents Fashion X Austin: BLANC A one-night fashion spectacle live fashion presentations and photo shoots from 8 stunning Texas-based designers and pop up shops hosted by over 40 top brands in the local Texas fashion scene as an early “holiday shopping” experience. Each brand will offer a unique “blanc” item with … Continue reading Bernina Presents: B L A N C


Austin Fashion Week 2014

  La semana de la moda llegó a Austin, Texas. Y con ello diseñadores internacionales y locales estarán debutando sus colecciones. Se llevará a cabo del 25 de Abril al 3 de Mayo. Sábado 26 de Abril Austin Fashion Week Brunch                            10:00 … Continue reading Austin Fashion Week 2014