Leticia Rodriguez 

*La Americana* is a compilation of cover music that is well known in many languages, transcending cultural boundaries and reaching out the American people who represent varied cultures and backgrounds.

Through music, it recognizes inclusion, history and the traditions of Rodriguez’ heritage and family. Her music is spiritual and immediate, with a voice and delivery that is passionate, dynamic, engaging and unforgettable.

*Artist bio:*
Rodriguez’ life is an artistic stage, dedicating herself to performances
steeped in family tradition and cultural connections. Her music is a bridge
uniting tradition and 21st century cultural realities, as well as an homage
to her Tia, Eva Garza. From these ties, Leticia Rodriguez debuts her first
musical album *La Americana* in October of 2012. It is a compilation of
cover music filled with meaning and heart.

Leticia Rodriguez is a charismatic entertainer, performing Latin music well 
loved the world over. Rodriguez’ songs span the decades – starting with
music from the 1920s through the 1950s and continuing through today’s
music. Many of the tunes on *La Americana* were sung by Rodriguez’ aunt,
internationally renowned Eva Garza, who was one of the first Latina
crossover artists from Decca Records (Columbia). Rodriguez has a rich
heritage of music within her family including singer-songwriters David,
Carrie and Philip Rodriguez.

Bringing forth music from her Aunt Eva along with selected composers and 
music representative of Mexico (Augustin Lara), Puerto Rico (Rafael
Hernandez), Cuba (Don Raymat), Argentina (Carlos Gardel) and the United
States (Willie Colon), Rodriguez redefines the experience of American music.


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